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Responses to “Death, as Dublin Snow”

  1. Hannah Benson Avatar
    Hannah Benson

    What ChatGPT said that was interesting was that Gabriel was contemplating “the intricate ties between the living and the deceased.” I don’t think that subject was necessarily discussed compared to this idea and theme of these living people reminiscing dead experiences and emotions. Michael is the only one that’s physically dead, yet this Gretta’s act of holding onto her emotional yet dead pasts can ultimately impact the future or prompt self-awareness of one’s actions.

  2. Brian Croxall Avatar

    I read the comment about “Stuffing” as a comical remark from Gabriel rather than a cutting one. There is no doubt that he has a high opinion of himself, and part of the story is to puncture that pomposity for both Gabriel and the reader. But I don’t know if he’s totally dead yet.