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Responses to “Good Things Come to Those Who Game”

  1. Sarah Bettinger Avatar
    Sarah Bettinger

    I find it super interesting that ChatGPT gave such an accurate description of “telescoping” in its post. I asked it to provide specific applications of telescoping in the context of a specific video game, and suddenly ChatGPT couldn’t explain it so clearly.

  2. Traci Bullock Avatar
    Traci Bullock

    I love what your father told you! I think what he said is a good summary of the lessons learned from “Everything Bad Is Good for You.” Like many things that we teach ourselves or learn in school, it is the skills that we learned from these things that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

  3. Catherine Eyre Avatar
    Catherine Eyre

    Like you say, video games aren’t a “holy grail of education”, but what is? There’s value to diversifying the way we learn. Reading can have a lot of benefits, but reading books or playing video games or learning taekwondo aren’t mutually exclusive. You can do multiple, and take away different things from each.

  4. Brian Croxall Avatar

    I appreciate the comparison to your martial arts training, Elijah. That seems like a good way to frame Johnson’s perspective on video games.

    ChatGPT’s take is pretty good (albeit still way too much summarizing) until it hits the penultimate paragraph where it talks about immersing ourselves in captivating narratives. Johnson more or less blows that idea up, although I’m sure many of us could name games with compelling narratives.

  5. Hannah Benson Avatar
    Hannah Benson

    I like how you connect your experience with martial arts to video games. I think it’s good to make those connections especially when there are people who are more closed-minded and biased towards gaming culture. I connected it through baking and crafting which to me is what I enjoy.