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Responses to “Loving Someone You Don’t Know”

  1. Shelby Moore Avatar

    Great summary of the story and I love where you ended- with the warning to make sure we know what we love. I think it’s really interesting that ChatGPT came to the conclusion that Miranda found herself through this experience, whereas your essay came more to the conclusion that Miranda was detached from fully knowing herself or Dev because the relationship was simply “sexy, new, or novel.” I agree with your interpretation of the story and like the question that you ended with.

  2. Elizabeth Thomas Avatar
    Elizabeth Thomas

    Out of all of the ChatGPT posts that I have read so far, this one seems to be the most far off. It doesn’t even get close to what the short story is about. I agree with you that the contrast between Miranda’s experience and Laxmi’s cousin’s experience is very stark. You ask a very important at the end. What are we doing because we think that it is sexy and exciting, and how is it really affecting us? I think that Lahiri does a great job of provoking these questions in her readers.

    1. Elijah Pearce Avatar

      I agree, I think this story is definitely a good example of things that ChatGPT can’t quite figure out. It got close, but missed some pretty big elements.

  3. Brian Croxall Avatar

    I’m curious to know what you thought would happen at the ending, Elijah; did you think Miranda and Dev would parallel Laxmi’s cousin’s husband and his mistress?

    ChatGPT here shows us that it really struggles with most of the meaningful details from the story. It gets the names right and it knows that it’s somehow about India, but then it just goes off the rails…

    1. Elijah Pearce Avatar

      Yeah, part of me wanted some kind of confrontation, but I think the way it ended felt more realistic. I liked it–it left us without the full ending, which is how we see a lot of stories in real life; we don’t see the full story, only the parts that we’re involved with.